.REBOOT (eBook) – Stephan Urbach


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„‚.REBOOT‘ is an uncontrolledly honest book telling about a life dealing with nothing and everything but actual dealing with one thing: to understand this world, change it and not collapsing doing so.“ (politik-digital.de)

As a young hacker, Stephan Urbach becomes a member of the activist group Telecomix. This ensures that people in crisis countries like Syria and Egypt continue to be able to carry their voices out to the world via Internet during the Arab Spring. Driven by the initial euphoria of helping strangers, Stephan gets ever more involved in the project – and forgets himself and his own needs in the process. Sleeping, eating and social contact is replaced by coffee, cigarettes and chat groups – until he finally collapses. Stephan feels unable to live up to his reputation as a super hero on the Internet. for him it seems only suicide can rescue him. It is only through the help of his friends that he manages to get out of this vicious circle and today, just a few years on, he is a successful and much-booked specialist for web and data protection issues.

„His (Urbach’s) book is not another netphilosophical sorry effort which you read and take some nice ideas from and put in the shelf. His book is unperfected, emotional, lacks from emotional detachment. It deeply moves. Thanks.“ (Publikumsbeschimpfung)